INNO®POD Office Pods & Meeting Booths

The Margolis INNO®POD Office Pod is a truly flexible mobile workspace that can be moved to create a private area exactly where you need it. Fitted with large castors, you can spin Inno®Pod round to create a barrier against visual and acoustic distraction; you can even quickly change the desk height to your desired working style.

Inno®Pod Office Pod is perfect for large spaces, busy areas, or anywhere where you need a touchdown workplace. Taking up only about 1 square metre, Inno®Pods can also be used together to create banks of flexible working areas.

What the experts say… This semi-enclosed workstation can be easily moved to provide visual and acoustic privacy. Where privacy is required, the pod should be positioned such that the open sides are not oriented towards the listener, and placed in an area with adequate ambient noise levels. While many booths and screens work best under highly absorbent ceilings, the integrated ceiling of this product eliminates this requirement.

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